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Green Body & Mind Bio-CHEM Health Program

Detoxification, Chelation, & Individual BioChemistry Analysis & Optimization

It doesnt matter where you live, we can work with you!

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Cant take time off work to check into the BioSanctuary* This at home health program is the healthcare solution for anyone suffering from any condition other than genetic abnormalities and can actually be used to reduce the symptoms of those rare maladies! After your initial 30 day clinically assisted detoxification at home, you can opt for the continued Doctors Assurance Plan and we will Rx lab work every eight months, evaluate your biochemical profile, provide corrective analysis and revise your targeted nutritional therapy to reflect your progress and health goals at a small fee because you have demonstrated a commitment to own your health by joining our Doctors Assurance Plan

Depending on what you are seeking help with, the Bio-CHEM Detoxification, Chelation and Corrective Analysis is the core of our program. If you are seeking help with addiction or a drug taper you would be working with Ms. Mason as she would be modifying your program and targeted nutritional therapies to meet the needs of withdrawal and orthomolecular neurochemical rehabilitation bio/neurochemistry balance.

If you are contacting us regarding anything from cancer to diabetes, you would be working with Dr. Aguirre as he has documented successes with patients those whom hospitals have sent home to die over his 48 years of practice. Our friend and colleague is of the Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Abram Hoffer league. You could not be in better hands!

Everything you need for detoxification, chelation, lab requisitions for tests, corrective analysis and interpretation and then a targeted nutritional therapy is provided in this physician guided health program which also includes all of the services and products below. The fundamental healing model was co-created by Dr. Al Aguirre with his 48 years of medical practice successfully helping everyone from chronic fatigue to terminal cancer patients and Ms. M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H., Medical Director of The BioSanctuary with her 15 years experience in successfully helping people resolve addictions from alcohol to heroin and psychiatric drug tapers. This program is the fundamental first and many times only step required for healing disease and overcoming addiction!

Thirty Days to the Authentic You!

Bio-CHEM Detoxification Program Materials Received Checklist

* Initial evaluation and recommendations consultation based on any current (within last year) medical lab tests available and diagnosis; health history and symptomatic questionnaire intake forms
* Fax all medical laboratory test results to (831) 515.5850
* 30 day supply of targeted nutritional therapy supplements in program protocol
* Green Body & Mind Bio-CHEM detoxification and chelation program protocol
* Food for Humans (ebook) the BioSanctuarys clinical detoxification book of recipes and detox specific green juices
* Green Body & Mind Food Chart an easy reference chart listing what is allowed and what must be avoided during your thirty day detox.
* 15 hours of live lectures on MP3 of Ms. Masons Green Mental Health Care ~ Staying Sane in a Toxic World seminar series. Every subject regarding how to get healthy and stay healthy and sane is covered such as:
* Introduction to the green mental health care model
* How to explore and expose the root cause of your symptoms
* Mental health: its not all in your head!
* Getting Off Illegal & Legal Drugs: Building a healthy body to move into
* The pillars of health
* Causes of todays epidemic adverse mental health symptoms
* The best water to drink
* The worst water to drink
* The importance of organic food
* Why genetically modified food is so dangerous
* The invisible crazy makers ~ the chemicals in your water, food and food containing products that are making your gain weight, driving your crazy and literally robbing every aspect of your health
* How transdermal exposure to parabens, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and excitoxins affect your physical and mental health
* How BPA, phthalates and other endocrine disruptors and excitoxins cause weight gain.
* Sugar; the gateway drug
* How to Green your home

* Green Mental Health Care ~ Staying Sane in a Toxic World 12 powerpoint presentations that go with the MP3s.
* How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs (ebook)
* Green Body & Mind Instructions for obtaining and maintaining healthy pH (alkalinity)
* Green Body & Mind Detoxification & Chelation Adjuvant Therapies (ebook) Explains many excellent therapies that can be used to promote thorough cellular detoxification and then rebuild healthy cells and bio-neurochemical communication.
* Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure ~ The Biochemical Solution Ms. Masons internationally acclaimed book which details the biochemical progression and resolution of alcohol addiction. Foreword written by the legendary Dr. Abram Hoffer M.D., PhD who worked with Bill Wilson ~ the first and possibly most passionate fan for the orthomolecular treatment model for alcohol addiction.
* Green Body & Mind Preferred Vendors Guide We do all the integrity checks for you. The companies we recommend not only provide excellent healthy and non-toxic products but they are politically active green conscious consumers and capitalists. Putting our dollars in green businesses!
* Green Body & Mind Non-Toxic Home Care (ebook)
* Green Body & Mind Food Guide (ebook) Instruction regarding healthy food and its preparation.

Program Checklist

* Complete program provides all services and products listed including a biochemical analysis and corrective recommendations by Dr. Al Aguirre M.D., PhD ~ Creator of the Bio-Chem ~ Biochemistry Individual Corrective Analysis and Monitoring System

* Fill out the online intake forms.

Download, print, read, sign and then fax all HIPPA and other legal documents for the program at these two links:

Authorization Form
Record Release

* Scan and email to all laboratory tests you have completed in the last year.

Confirm program intake appointment with Genita M. Masons assistant at

Read all the materials you have been sent in the Green Body & Mind Bio-Chem Instructions: folder this is very important to do before your program intake consultation with Ms. Mason so that you may clarify anything that you may not understand regarding your health program.

Refer to the recipe ebook and dietary docs and prepare a menu for yourself then go shopping for your new food plan.

Immediately after your intake consultation, order all supplements listed in your individual Bio-CHEM protocol. Most products can be ordered at Direct links are provided for all other products.

* Begin making appointments for any adjuvant therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, CES, gym membership etc that is recommended in your intake consultation.

* Make an appointment for the lab tests required for your Bio-CHEM portion of the program at the end of your detox as well as for any tests requested by our doctor to be completed during your detox.

Clean out all boxed and canned products in home. Toss all sugar, sugar substitutes etc. Everything that is not Green, non-toxic and Whole Food is removed from the home.

Clean out your medicine cabinet and toss all conventional toxic personal hygiene products. Refer to the preferred vendors document to replace your products with non-toxic, green products.

Clean out all toxic home cleaners and discontinue use of conventional fertilizers. Refer to the Preferred Vendors document for non-toxic replacements

Consider purchasing a Vitamix blender and a juicer. Refer to your Preferred Vendors list for Green Body & Minds recommendation.

Join a gym and begin a sauna program. Infrared saunas are best.

Purchase and Read Our Toxic World by Dr. Doris Rapp

Have your indoor air quality checked and find the source of any toxins in the air and remove them.

Purchase a Nikken Waterfall filtering system, shower head and Sports Bottle filter. See Preferred Vendors document for link to purchase these items.

Refer to the Non-Toxic Home Care document and begin changing the way you clean and care for floors, furniture, laundry, etc. around the house.

* You remain on the Green Body & Mind Detoxification and Chelation program for one month from the day you begin taking your supplement protocol. After your detox month is completed, begin eating in the normal organic way you envision eating as a way of life being sure to include your favorite meals. Meat should be eaten with reverence and should be minimal. 5 to 7 meals total a week should be the extent of your healthy carnivorous diet. Healthy fist consumption is highly recommended. Do not introduce sugars (even healthy ones such as honey, agave, etc.), caffeine for at least six months. Do not ever reintroduce processed or genetically modified foods or drink into your diet.

* After 7 days of eating the healthy diet you have selected for yourself based on our organic, non-gmo, sugar and processed food-free recommendations, go in and get the tests done that you made appointments for at the beginning of your program. NOTE: Be sure that you are not using any toxic chemicals on your skin, hair, in your toothpaste or any other product you put on or in your body. Do not take ANY supplements during the 7 days you are preparing for your tests. Our intent is to get a BASELINE biochemical profile on you and that is impossible with pesticides, BPA, phthalates, sugars, caffeine and any kind of supplements in you.

* When your lab results are completed and returned to us, we will contact you for a follow up consultation to review and explain / translate the results with you and then provide a revised Bio-CHEM orthomolecular targeted nutritional and adjuvant therapy based on the results.

* Your individual biochemical analysis printout and all recommendations regarding therapies, food, doctors notes,

* At this time, you will be invited to join the Doctors Assurance Health Plan created and maintained by Dr. Al Aguirre for biannual retesting of biochemistry and modification to your Green Body & Mind program Bio-CHEM program.

Congratulations! You are a Green Body & Mind Graduate & Fractal Environmentalist! Your body and mind thanks you, we thank you, the planet thanks you and all that lives on it for generations to come thanks you!