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Introduction by Genita M. Mason H.H.P., N.C., M.H. - Medical Director, The BioSanctuary Green Body & Mind Healing Center

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Genita M. Mason Petralli HHP., NC., MH – Medical Director, The BioSanctuary, Shangri La BioSpa and The 101 Program



A Basic Detox Protocol

The link to the free seminar is at the end of this article


I provide my patients at The Biosanctuary a basic detoxification protocol to help clear toxins and support the skin, bowels, liver, lymph and kidneys in detoxification. However, on top of this I use a moderately revised (based on their individual requirements created by symptoms, the drugs their on and the original reason they went on them – or the symptoms they remember having which led them to drug / alcohol abuse.


The five protocols I have developed for the five major classifications of psychiatric and illicit drugs (each psychiatric drug has its twin on the street – in fact, it was street drugs that were studied to create patentable (money making) synthetic ones); opiates, anxiolytics or benzodiazepines, anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, and psycho stimulants mimic the drug/s the person was on to help ease the withdrawal and provide nutrition for optimal brain chemistry and repair based on the damage we know various drug classifications to cause. Using supplements to balance brain chemistry quickly is ideal because the body can begin regulating itself again. Natural supplements work with the body’s feedback mechanisms which define what it needs at any given, point to create mental and physical health. They are bioavailable so they can perform as asked – and if there is too much of any given organic chemical, the body’s natural enzymes can easily break it down which is not the case with psychiatric drugs lending understanding as to why they are so much harder to get off of; the body has had to make extreme neurochemical changes to adapt to it. Providing the raw materials and the proper environment for the cells to function well on their own and use their own feedback systems to regulate what the person requires naturally is the fundamental process toward growth and repair – recovery from any disease or metabolic imbalance such as addiction.


Here, I’m going to explain some of the fundamental requirements of a good detoxification protocol. For a more detailed discussion about the specific nutrients used, you can listen to a free copy of the teleseminar I provided on “A Basic Detox Protocol”. The link and password are at the end of this article. The protocol itself is in the powerpoint that goes with the audio lecture so download the seminar so you can refer to it easily.


First of all you want a robust ORGANIC dietary supplement foundation. This is because there are many things about nature we still don’t understand, except that the more intact and original in form it is, the better it works. I have personally witnessed this in myself and my patients: I began getting far better results from my isolate orthomolecular layer of therapy when I started using an organic general nutrition layer. This is because there are hidden enzymes and other co factors that aid in the maximum use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids.


Next, you want to focus on supporting the detoxification organs and pathways. The lymph, liver, kidneys, bowels and skin.


You want to make sure you are boosting your glutathione. Glutathione is the (or should be) the most abundant antioxidant – it has it’s own detox pathway through the liver and this antioxidant is low in those that are suffering the oxidative stress those known to have bad diets and who are in any kind of drug or alcohol abuse cycle. Since you can’t take glutathione on its own because the gut will absorb most of it leaving little for the rest of the body’s needs, you have to take its precursors NAC, Glycine and Glutamine. Do not take oral NAC. If you have been suffering with any legal or illegal drug addiction it is likely you have some level of unhealthy candida and NAC taken orally can really set it off. Get your ND to order it in transdermal form It is essential and it is the best way to administer it.


Probiotics are necessary to establish good flora while you are detoxing as are the enzymes. You need to assist your gut in digestive fortitude while it is healing so that you are getting maximum nutrition from the organic whole foods you are eating. The enzymes help you do that. Many people that lead lives of addiction have horrible diets which drain the pancreas. When you don’t eat live foods, the work load of enzymatic activity rests entirely on the pancreas and over time it fatigues such as your adrenals do from the sugar roller coaster of the SAD – Standard American Diet.


Niacin and GABA help quiet the over stimulated nervous system which is a hallmark characteristic of detox.


Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant that crosses the blood / brain barrier so it is excellent for helping to clear the accumulated waste from the brain tissues. Juicing an ounce of cilantro every day is good for that as well, and is a clinically established excellent method for detoxing heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body and brain because it crosses the blood / brain barrier as well.


When taking B12, make sure it is the methyl not cyanocobalamin – you will get about 95% more activity from B12 if it is the methyl structure. Only about 5% of cyano comes out of the liver as the needed methylcobalamin.


And of course you want to nourish the myelin sheath and other cell wall structures and Phosphatidyl Choline and Cod Liver Oil will do that. Those are the first structures that free radicals go for as they attempt to dig their way into your cells and DNA. These two fatty nutrients nourish and heal cells as well as provide a major constituent of what’s required to make new cells.


There are some considerations in this protocol for those detoxing from most drugs. I am supporting the need for calm with GABA, niacin, and Cal / Mag – and also providing zinc and B6 because many people with addictive biochemistry also test positive for pyroluria. Since zinc and B6 are required for the synthesis of each and every neurotransmitter and hormone, it is good to have this supplemented whether or not you have pyroluria.


You want to take a good fiber such as Detoxifiber to reduce recirculation of the many toxins you’re releasing and efficiently move everything out.


I added melatonin in this protocol in case there are any sleep issues, such as for the withdrawing benzo and alcohol population. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep when you’re in the early stages of transitioning from an unhealthy to a healthy world. There should be a lot of change going on in your life and that can be over stimulating. Focus on getting as much rest as possible during the first few weeks.


Be sure to listen to the seminar. it is filled with ppt slides and an hour plus more information about detox, supplements and the protocol.


Class #3: “Supplements: The Basic Detox Protcol”
LINK TO REPLAY: -password is “green2011”.


In service we shine,



Genita M. Mason (Petralli) H.H.P., N.C., M.H.

Medical Director, The BioSanctuary, Shangri-La BioSpa & The 101 Program


Author: Alcoholism: The Cause & The Cure

Green Mental Health Care – Staying Sane in a Toxic World

Food for Humans – The BioSanctuary’s book of clinical detoxification meals and juices

Green Mental Health Care – How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs


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